Lottery Singapore and Singapore Pools

Lottery Singapore

The Lottery Singapore produces seven numbers for each draw, with six of them being the winning numbers and one of them being the jackpot prize. The prizes are higher the more numbers a player matches. If a player matches all six of his numbers, he wins the jackpot prize. To find out the current winning numbers, players can check the official website and mobile app of the Singapore Lottery. Here, you will find the current winning numbers for every draw.

Several of the companies have made deals with Singapore Pools to provide the lottery company with lottery services. One such partnership is with IGT Global Services, which will deploy its Aurora lottery system for Singapore’s lottery gaming. The partnership will involve the deployment of Aurora Data Connector, Aurora Navigator, and Aurora Anywhere to support the lottery’s business. The new lottery system will also provide the Singapore Pools with greater flexibility in expanding game play.

Singapore’s Toto has a long history of success. The lottery has helped bind Singaporean Chinese over the years. Singapore Pools engineered the game. For those of legal age, queueing for Toto is now an annual ritual. As part of this ritual, you will get to experience the thrill of flashing your IC. Toto has evolved from a simple game into a multi-faceted experience. Players can now access its results in various languages, including English.